Shearpawfect Puppy Info..

Photos will be added regularly To the New Puppy page to update you on the developments of the litter.

Please Remember a Puppy is For Life!

If you would like to Reserve a Future Shearpawfect Puppy
Please contact us on
016973 45546
07834 362012

PLEASE DO NOT buy from dealers, puppy farms, pet shops or breeders who have made no effort to prepare there puppies for life. You may save money now but you will be storing up problems and misery for all concerned later on. Unfortunately, there are a few unscrupulous breeders around who breed very sickly, poor quality puppies and or import them from mainland puppy farms and try to palm them off as their own stock. Often these puppies are relatively cheap and are kept in atrocious conditions so that prospective purchasers will feel sorry for the puppies and buy them, just to liberate them from there terrible existence.